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  Cannonball by What Happened to Grandma

Cannonball cover art

Artist: What Happened to Grandma
Title: Cannonball
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

It had to happen. After weeks of the downbeat and the depressing I had just about given up hope as all those deep and meaningful lyrics had sapped my will to live. My need for music that was simply enjoyable was never greater and, glory be, the Internet thing – right on cue - coughed up Canadian band What Happened to Grandma and their album “Cannonball” to save me from having to eat vegetables.

Tipping their collective hat to those halcyon days when drum machines were in vogue and the wearing of black polo necks was considered the height of fashion, What Happened to Grandma gather together their sometimes recycled but always retro loops and throw some fun and a dash of past midnight attitude into the mix. It’s a heady musical concoction that they create with the insistent synth pop simplicity of “Shivers” and the relentless Euro pop of “Kids” standing out as reasons to buy this album instead of spending your money on chocolate biscuits.

Like I said before, it had to happen. “Cannonball” is an album that I actually enjoyed and that doesn’t happen too often these days.
Review Date: July 22 2014