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  Glass Mansions by Inside Riot

Glass Mansions cover art

Artist: Inside Riot
Title: Glass Mansions
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

It has to be all that sunshine that causes California to be the grow bag for so many rock bands. Inside Riot are another such band that has set out to rock your world with their album “Glass Mansions” and, taking their cue from much hairier bands, they intend to do so at an energetic pace.

There’s no lack of confidence on show with duelling male and female vocals enlivening those precision moulded songs with the sparkle of forever young radio friendliness.  In addition, there’s a girl next door quality to Fawn Baxter’s vocals that adds notably to this band’s charm but, at the end of the day, it’s all about the riff and you’ll be glad to hear that all those expected power chords are present, correct and ready to knock your Friday night beer clean off the table.

Of the songs on this album, “Under Control” has the highest octane rating but, to my ears, it was “F*ck You Righteous Sir” that was the best example of Inside Riot’s true potential.

At the risk of accusing this band of playing it too safe with this, their first, album I am of the opinion that Inside Riot could walk further from the main road than they have chosen to do. That said, if you like your rock solid then you’ll like this album.
Review Date: July 27 2014