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  Sentiero di Guerra by Pueblo People

Sentiero di Guerra cover art

Artist: Pueblo People
Title: Sentiero di Guerra
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Vinyl LP
Release Year: 2014

Maybe you can get time machines on EBay these days?  There has, after all, to be an explanation for the spirited plundering of rock music’s past glories that fill the cosmos these days. Pueblo People now add their name to the long list of revivalists and the proof of their earnest addiction is to be found in their extended EP “Sentiero di Guerra”.

One look at the running times of these three songs – the shortest runs to over 6 minutes and the longest walks straight on by the 12 minutes mark – and you know that Pueblo People are slaves to the rhythm of rock’s early excesses. Taking “Eastbound Sun” as an example, there’s essence of west coast America from the late sixties everywhere within its rambling boundaries even if the lyrics are more suggestive of late period R.E.M. rather than the 13th Floor Elevators. That song is a mere bagatelle though as the languorous groove that is “Warpath” soon extends itself mercilessly into the sunset.

Pueblo People, to their credit, have the musical chops to carry off their extended indulgences so I would imagine that those of you fond of labels like Harvest and Vertigo will find much to like here. It’s the past but it’s the shiny past.

Available from Bandcamp (and, it goes almost without saying, on vinyl too).
Review Date: August 1 2014