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  Junk EP by Tuff Love

Junk EP cover art

Artist: Tuff Love
Title: Junk EP
Catalogue Number: Lost Map GRAT 00°2 2'5.2014"
Review Format: Vinyl LP
Release Year: 2014

The sun shines and everything is wonderful in the world. If only life were that simple but, given the regularity with which lies are passed off as the truth, we can only smile and enjoy all the candy floss we can get. Candy floss is, of course, a reliable source of sugar and Tuff Love’s EP “Junk” nearly manages to pass itself off as that sugar with a side order of spice and all things nice.

Nearly but not quite for underneath that DIY applied veneer of readily available C86 influences hides something altogether darker. Those casually applied harmonies likewise suggest an innocence that the most cursory inspection of the lyrics soon contradicts with “Poncho” neatly illustrating the consequences of obsession and even the most obvious example of the past revisited – “Sweet Discontent” – burning hot enough to turn that sugar into chewy toffee and, inevitably, broken teeth.

To many these five songs will be little more than fine examples of lo-fi summery pop but underneath the fuzzy fluffiness there is a collective heart and mind occupied with deeper matters.
Review Date: August 3 2014