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  Won’t Be The Girl EP by Suzy Blu

Won’t Be The Girl EP cover art

Artist: Suzy Blu
Title: Won’t Be The Girl EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2014

You know how it is. It’s been a long week notable only for its relentless tedium but it’s Friday night now and it’s time to initiate that weekly search for fun. Fun isn’t that easy to find these days but I think that Suzy Blu – she’s from Leeds – seems to have a gleeful disregard for misery and, with that kind of attitude and a fondness for electro pop and reverb, she might just make your Friday night.

The robotic rhythms of “Won’t Be The Girl” may well be relentless but that clicked to the beat sonic hammer is just there to drive the melody into your skull for, in true retro style, Suzy Blu has given us a song to sing. She’s far more than a plastic princess though with “Call To Arms” evoking comparisons with eighties European electro divas of quality such as Elisa Waut and the remix of “Blu” being a somewhat darker thing even if the intent seems more the addition of emotional depth than an attempt at the deployment of depression.

Suzy Blu can do both fluff and dark shadows whilst maintaining what can only be called an innate sense of style. Friday night and fun are therefore sorted (even if it rains).

“Won’t Be The Girl” is available as a download from Bandcamp and also as a cassette. A blue cassette at that.
Review Date: August 12 2014