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  Work/Play by Sloth Metropolis

Work/Play cover art

Artist: Sloth Metropolis
Title: Work/Play
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

There are times when I get to wondering whether this reviewing business has caused dementia to set in early with that relentless army of similar sounding bands doing their best to comfort me by proving that I should not worry as there is nothing to actually remember anyway. Sloth Metropolis, on the other hand, seem destined to confound what is left of my intellect.

Their “Work/Play” EP rambles mercilessly, but knowingly, as if the skewed lyrical outlook of this band is part of some greater, and probably deliriously deluded, master plan. Let’s talk songs now. “Newsagent” reflects on, of all things, the top shelf stocking policy of your corner shop while “Welder” puts a match under a paper mountain of post rock and posturing. “Summertime Buddha” threatens to go a bit country until the extended fiddle solo shoots the song in the leg but the lyrics are the stuff of BBC2 socio-drama.

The lo-fi and murky sound suits Sloth Metropolis and, true to their obvious character, they manage to sound like they are also the proud possessors of second hand cord trousers and mismatched socks. In the final analysis though, we may all be thankful for Sloth Metropolis as they are certainly not boring.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: August 12 2014