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  Delaydeez EP by Andrew R Burns

Delaydeez EP cover art

Artist: Andrew R Burns
Title: Delaydeez EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Andrew R Burns hails from Livingston which is, as all great geographers know, is a town near Edinburgh where road works go to die. It is also said, by the great scientists, that Livingston is a cultural blackhole from which no artistic creation can escape. Fortunately for us, Andrew R Burns has subverted the laws of the universe and made his way to freedom with his Delaydeez EP.

The three songs that he brought with him are “Pop Snuff It”, “Delaydeez” and “The Way She Goes” and they are, on the face of it, summery lo-fi indie pop that would almost be twee if it were not for the distinctly bleak lyrics that evoke comparisons with what Leonard Cohen and your socially aware Uncle Bob might write on a rainy night. You might even call these songs misfit anthems and, if you did, “The Way She Goes” would undoubtedly be top of your pops.

Should our Mr Burns get as far as the M8 motorway, I hope he can hitchhike his way to greater, and perhaps happier, things.
Review Date: August 14 2014