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  Not The Beginning, Not The End by Mr Plow

Not The Beginning, Not The End cover art

Artist: Mr Plow
Title: Not The Beginning, Not The End
Catalogue Number: Pinkbox Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

The Devil’s greatest trick was to persuade the human race that he didn’t exist. I am pretty sure that is a straight quote from a movie but it was the first thing to come into my mind after hearing Mr Plow’s album “Not The Beginning, Not The End”.

This album comes with a cloak of casual gloom with Mr Plow’s vocals, in a cunning musical manoeuvre, never rising about laconic indifference. Every song seems to be missing something as if the recording process stripped the joy away one bit at a time and that’s a strange thing indeed as the song titles - “Jesus Loves Monster Tricks “or Colombian Cowboy Roundup Time”, for example – suggest something different was about to come this way. Now, it is also true that the gothic end of the Americana Street is littered with dereliction by default but Mr Plow, and this is to their credit, have found a new way to put the few remaining streetlights out.

Follow that yellow brick road for you never know who you won’t meet on your journey.
Review Date: August 16 2014