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  Get Backer by Matt Backer

Get Backer cover art

Artist: Matt Backer
Title: Get Backer
Catalogue Number: Right Recordings RIGHT203
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

Glory be! One song in to Matt Backer’s “Get Backer” album and I want to hear more. In fact I want to hear it all and that’s a rare thing these days. Want to know why? Simple. All you need is love.

Matt Backer loves music and he loves his guitar even more. It shows in each and every song on this album with his fluid playing style bringing out the best in his talented cohorts as he guides them neatly from the blues (“Don’t Worry About A Thing”) to mainstream rock (“Rock & Roll Headache”) without every losing that loving feeling. Throw in a couple of quality guest appearances from the likes of the ever mighty Marcella Detroit and Go West’s Peter Cox and “Get Backer” ticks all the right boxes for connoisseurs of the muscular rock guitar.

Even though the song writing take second place to the performances, it’s hard to mark this album down for that as the sheer energy and, dare I say it, joy just keeps your ears entranced and leaves you wanting more.

Although it grieves me to admit to liking anything these days, “Get Backer” is enough to turn even the most jaded – and most probably sober – reviewer into a believer once more.
Review Date: August 18 2014