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  Little Elise b/w About Me by Games

Little Elise b/w About Me cover art

Artist: Games
Title: Little Elise b/w About Me
Catalogue Number: Hozac HZR 154
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2014

Power pop time and, hey, it always should be power pop time and New York band Games seem keen to spin the clock round to the days when songs were practically guaranteed to have harmonies and a sing along chorus. Ah…the good old days!

On that basis, “Little Elise” is the kind of song that does not disappoint. There’s a hint of summer freshness to the harmonies and the song itself tips its hat to those master hit makes Chinn and Chapman. In the kind of simple terms that even I can understand, this is a fun song.

“About Me” is similarly old fashioned in both its inspiration and execution but none the worse for all that. There is a gleeful untidiness to the guitars that adds a feeling of mischievous intent and, once again, you can sing along all the way through.

As if there had been a divine intervention, these two songs are even available as a vinyl single from Hozac Records.
Review Date: August 31 2014