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  Can Man by Boo Boo Davis

Can Man cover art

Artist: Boo Boo Davis
Title: Can Man
Catalogue Number: Black & Tan B&T012
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2002

Boo Boo Davis gives us some great old fashioned, no frills, rough & ready blues with this release.  The band just plugs in and gets on with it right from the opening track, "Big House All By Myself", a storming number that sets the tone perfectly.  Driven along with some superb guitar riffs in the style of Hubert Sumlin and Muddy Waters, the energy barely lets up.

Other tracks of note are "Can Man" and "Red Door", a couple of strong rollicking songs that keep things moving along nicely.  Boo's vocal delivery is the perfect accompaniment to the raucous backing band who sound like they're enjoying every minute of this, and he also contributes some fine harp interludes here and there as well.

If you like your blues raw, with no added bells or whistles, this is for you.
Review Date: June 22 2007