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  North Star by Kyle Carey

North Star cover art

Artist: Kyle Carey
Title: North Star
Catalogue Number: Americelta Records 102
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

As in all things musical, there are those who are the real thing and those who are mere pretenders and, even as essentially traditional as Kyle Carey undoubtedly is, she is quite clearly the real thing with her album “North Star” providing an abundance of evidence regarding her dedication to the music that she loves.

Those traditional influences, whilst always prevalent, do not disguise the elegance that is part and parcel of Ms Carey’s song writing skills. Her lyrics seem particularly heartfelt this time around with “Winter Fever”, in particular, demonstrating a metaphorical mastery of the emotions raised by letting love go that lesser talents can only aspire to. Even “Let Them Be All”, and there is no more traditional song on the album, seems less a reflection on the ways of the past than a commentary on the things we have lost today.  Those are but two examples of her way with words and, with a voice that I am driven to describe as auburn although I can think of no logical reason why that description is appropriate, she has the means to take those songs and use them to make your heart beat in synchronisation with her own.

You can’t help but think of open spaces when you hear this album for “North Star” is infused with a reverential honesty and comforting warmth that so many musicians in the same genre simply fail to master and, for the benefit of those in the cheap seats, I state once more that Kyle Carey is the real thing.
Review Date: September 19 2014