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  Just Call It (EP) by Susan

Just Call It (EP) cover art

Artist: Susan
Title: Just Call It (EP)
Catalogue Number: Volar Records VOLAR38
Review Format: Vinyl EP 7"
Release Year: 2014

Hell is for heroes, beer is for drinking, hamsters are for stroking and vinyl is the only true physical format for music. On vinyl, green vinyl no less, and ready to be worshipped are Susan who hail, in all their inverted wholesomeness, from Los Angeles. Where else, after all, could you have an earthquake with your breakfast?

The three songs here are, as you might expect, lo-fi and no stranger to the atmospheric enhancements of reverb but these three ladies are no mere southern California garage rockers in heels. With a mastery of the relentless and the laconic, they romp through “Just Call It” like they were on the way to the mall with an axe for some relationship reconstruction. In a similar vein, “Pancake” takes a dirty guitar riff and makes its very simplicity threatening whilst throwing in the kind of alternately cute and challenging vocals that suggest that innocence has been well and truly lost. “Frenchie” is almost manic to the point that the closing line “…I hope you die alone” becomes more than enough reason to make you look over your shoulder.

To borrow the words of someone more poetic than I, these kittens have claws.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: October 5 2014