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  Into The Sea by Anton Vezuv

Into The Sea cover art

Artist: Anton Vezuv
Title: Into The Sea
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

The search for lyrical literacy often takes you far from these sceptred isles and, perhaps unsurprisingly, might involve a stop in Hungary for that is where Anton Vezuv hail from with their album “Into The Sea” having much to commend it in matters of musical integrity.

Let us first consider that this is not a lightweight album. The influences and constraints of the power pop genre are there for all to see but, as in all things, the joy is in the execution. This is not a fluffy album full of inconsequential songs but more one where emotional considerations and song construction are given equal weight and that is enough to bring forth comparisons with the renowned skills of la Morrissey in that arena. Onwards therefore to the songs.

There is fragility and an appreciation of things metaphorical in “Mr Horsefly” that would cause even the most cold hearted critic to think that sensitivity had been done right for a change. “Sunny Days” is indeed also a downbeat song but its lyrical angularity and a proper sense of scale easily drives the song into the world of drama while “Poor Maxwell” is a perfect example of how to mix poetic insecurities with musical grace in a manner reminiscent of John Lennon. Even in moments of longeur, such as “Warm You”, it is easy to forgive their excesses when there is so much to otherwise savour.

 “Into The Sea” is an album full of intelligent indie pop songs stamped unmistakeably with maturity and that is both unusual and a very good thing indeed.

The album is available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: October 5 2014