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  Dressing Room b/w Cadillac by The Cyborgs

Dressing Room b/w Cadillac cover art

Artist: The Cyborgs
Title: Dressing Room b/w Cadillac
Catalogue Number: Off Label Records OLR 39
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2014

Welcome to The Cyborgs who are a two man, or two cyborgs in welding masks as they may or may not actually be, band from Italy with a dirty foot firmly rooted in the past and their rough and ready attitude is righteously captured on the two songs spinning around on this vinyl single.

“Dressing Room” is a downright grubby electro blues song, much in the style of Bob Log III, with that home brewed feeling pervading the song’s short duration. The die is cast as the say and, with the lights down low, it’s nonetheless hard to say no to this song. “Cadillac” raises the bar by liberating the Chinn-Chapman riff from the heyday of glam rock and grunging it up until it smokes. As a song, it’s less a commentary on the avaricious nature of capitalism than an expression of rock ‘n’ roll style automotive desire.

That makes two for the road, as they say.
Review Date: October 6 2014