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  When I Fall In Love b/w Just Let Me Be by The School

When I Fall In Love b/w Just Let Me Be cover art

Artist: The School
Title: When I Fall In Love b/w Just Let Me Be
Catalogue Number: Wiaiwya WIA014004
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2014

It is easy to think of “When I Fall In Love” by Welsh indie popsters The School as being more the product of a patisserie than a cottage record label such is the density of its sugar coating. If, however, icing is your thing and, let’s be honest, it is for many of us then these two slices from the fluffy pop song cake will be much to your taste.

There is charm and simplicity to these songs that recalls memories of times when songs did not have to be about anything other than love. Liz Hunt floats like a singing dove over throughout “When I Fall In Love” with nothing more than a reverence for the innocence of youth to keep her company. Likewise, “Just Let Me Be There” seems so at odds with the gritty reality of today that even the grumpy amongst you will be forced to smile and hug a perfect stranger.

As cause for further celebration, these songs are available on a picture disc. That’s right, not just an arcane vinyl single but a genuine piece of seven inch art that you might want to hang upon your wall. Some people ask me why I collect records. I point them at the wall and tell them it’s not just music. It’s history.

If you can’t get the picture disc then the songs are available for download from Bandcamp.
Review Date: October 6 2014