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  Fragments EP by Dee Sada

Fragments EP cover art

Artist: Dee Sada
Title: Fragments EP
Catalogue Number: Tip Top Recordings
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

I suppose it would be appropriate to say that London’s Dee Sada has sailed to an island of emotional desolation with her EP “Fragments” but that, perhaps, would be to over simplify the analysis of an intense set of simply arranged songs.

“Bells and Ships and Songs” sets the tone being relentlessly downbeat with minimalist interventions of the musical kind to distract you from the poetically portrayed message that we are all joined together but never more so than when we are alone. “The Birthday”, and in the context of this album this is the lively one, is without doubt the song that injects passion into the pervading atmosphere of regret and, perhaps because of that, might even cause you to make comparison with the music of Alela Diane.

“In The Space of You”, again motivated by minimalism, is nonetheless on a mission to mesmerise much as Leonard Cohen would have done whilst in an orbital decay of the heart. Sunsets can, it would seem, be as beautiful as sunrises. “Debris” maintains the steady pace with, unsurprisingly, the message being that a collision with destiny will not be survivable.

I don’t suppose that we should all be happy all the time so, for those times when inner reflection is called for, Dee Sada would be the perfect soundtrack in your headphones.
Review Date: October 12 2014