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  Waiting On Go by Amy Gordon

Waiting On Go cover art

Artist: Amy Gordon
Title: Waiting On Go
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2013

Now here’s an oddity for you. Amy Gordon, on the surface, appears to be just another singer songwriter navigating the mainstream in search of success but all is not as it seems.

It is true that her album, “Waiting On Go”, features many a song that will remind you of Debbie Gibson in brown bread ballad mode and Amy Gordon’s affinity for the conventions of the radio friendly song is always obvious with, as if to further increase her marketability as a songwriter, her vocal performance on songs like “One Door Opens” never attempting to outshine the lyrics.

However, Ms Gordon has more in her armoury that she can use to make that crater in your consciousness. Take off your Kevlar helmet for the title song of her album, “Waiting On Go”, is nothing less than a showtune infused with near gothic sensibilities and she sends the song out into the crowd as if theatre was all there was. There’s more in the same vein and it won’t take your ears long to recognise that the quirky “I Can See You” is the product of the same soul.

So there you have it. Most of Amy Gordon’s “Waiting On Go” exemplifies the work of a mainstream song writer on the way up but, in there for the taking, are songs from a heart made strong by the darker thoughts that can only be expressed by genuine talent.

The album is available for download from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 9 2014