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  Юность (Youth) by POB

Юность (Youth) cover art

Artist: POB
Title: Юность (Youth)
Catalogue Number: Freak Friendly FF011
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2014

I’ve no idea who POB are other than they probably hail from the Crimea. I’ve also no idea what they are singing about as I didn’t have anyone from that part of the world handy to do a translation. However, that does not really matter as these six short songs – only one breaches the two minute barrier – are about as fine an example of aggression fuelled hardcore punk as you will likely find.

With the volume turned right up – and if you haven’t done so, you will have done so by the end of the first song – the sheer ferocity of this band’s performance is nothing less than inspirational. The guitars are a solid wall of anger, the drums nothing but a club to split your skull and the voice, the voice. This isn’t singing. This is anguish expressed in sound and catapulted at you in a bucket of boiling oil. There is no choice in the matter - your flesh will burn off your bones.

Bands like POB don’t ever sell out. They might, however, go to jail.

Available on cassette and for download from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 12 2014