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  Less Likely Places by Addi and Jacq

Less Likely Places cover art

Artist: Addi and Jacq
Title: Less Likely Places
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Such is the polish applied to the eight songs that comprise “Less Likely Places” that you would never guess that this was the debut album from Addi and Jacq - Addi McDaniel and Jacqueline Kerrod -  with an eloquence in performance clearly being something of a trademark for this duo.

There is, consequently, something positively urbane and civilised about Addi and Jacq with precision vocals complementing the mystical qualities of the harp in a manner that suggests a greater familiarity with the Mercedes dealership than with matters spiritual. Add in the maturity infused into the lyrics – “Home” could even be seen as a homage to Paul Simon’s writing style – and you have further proof that their preferred target is everyday life. Further evidence of the accuracy of Addi and Jacq’s targeting system is found in the sentiments behind “Stars Ever Since” wherein the complexities of modern relationships get highlighted whilst the precision of “Save Me” more than adequately captures the despair that conformity can bring.  The ironic “Pink Phone” then demonstrates that these ladies also have claws that are sharp. Very sharp.

This the kind of album that is both further from the mainstream than it first appears and one that might make any man, caught in the uptown cocktail bar combat arena, altogether more wary of the purring kitty cat looking back at him.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 14 2014