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  Ready Set Go b/w Apocryphal by The Vinyl Records

Ready Set Go b/w Apocryphal cover art

Artist: The Vinyl Records
Title: Ready Set Go b/w Apocryphal
Catalogue Number: Metal Postcard MP83
Review Format: Vinyl Single
Release Year: 2014

From Northern India they may well be but The Vinyl Records – surely the best name for a band ever – show that giving girls guitars anywhere in the world is always going to provide a soundtrack to mischief. Accordingly, these two songs feature not only the sultry arrogance that would expect of post punk pranksters but also a substantial measure of gleeful innocence that, in these days of manufactured music, is positively intoxicating.

So, although neither songs will set off the earthquake of originality, there much in the way of fun to be had from cranking up the volume and letting the feeling move you. “Ready Set Go” is certainly the rockier song of the two tunes imprisoned on this little vinyl single with the guitar riff being big boy all the way and would make any garage rock band residing in west coast US of A jealous. “Apocryphal” is a quirkier song and much closer to post punk but, even then, The Vinyl records throw in a guitar solo as an ending. It’s a spirit thing at the end of the day and The Vinyl Records undeniably have the spirit to make their music fun.

Available on vinyl and as a download from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 16 2014