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  Afraid of the Dark EP by Cara Mitchell

Afraid of the Dark EP cover art

Artist: Cara Mitchell
Title: Afraid of the Dark EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Look around any corner and you will soon discover another young female singer songwriter. This time though it is Cara Mitchell and she is from Aberdeen which, as the travellers amongst you will already know, isn’t exactly a holiday destination of choice. However, Ms Mitchell seems determined to escape the dismal grey walls of that northern citadel and instead plant her field with a rather more ethereal crop of songs.

Her voice is a fragile thing but her approach to a song is altogether more robust. When she steps into the ring with “Dust to Dust” you can tell straight away that she will achieve victory on a unanimous points decision. “Suspended Motion”, on the other hand, does however suggest that Ms Mitchell has already had reason, despite her tender years, to explore the subtler shadows of poetic darkness. She is, however, still happy to tread the path of conventionality with “The Devil My Friend” being best regarded as a soup made with the bones of folk music but, make no mistake, there are plenty of vegetables in there to give you that feeling of spiritual fullness.

Although there is some stylistic indecision evident in the five songs that make up this EP, Cara Mitchell nonetheless provides more than enough evidence that she has the talent to get where she clearly deserves to go.
Review Date: November 16 2014