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  Beyond Ideas by Tabeah

Beyond Ideas cover art

Artist: Tabeah
Title: Beyond Ideas
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

In some ways, Tabeah’s “Beyond Ideas” album seems more a thing of the past than the product of a modern talent and, with a perfectly presented ambient feel and her eloquent and expressive post rock voice working in unison, she has succeeded in making the benefits of musical maturity foremost in my thoughts.

There are only four songs here and none of them are rushed affairs yet, while these songs are both languorous and sonorous, they are far from self-indulgent. From the drama of “Let The Rains Fall” to the ten minutes plus of storm clouds on the horizon that drives “Reasons To Go”, the mark of the true professional is there for all to hear with the precise arrangements providing incontrovertible evidence of the discipline that is required to convincingly disseminate passion.  These four songs, joined as they are by a consistency of emotion, easily flow together into the river that runs through the canyons of your mind.

You get space to think as you listen to these songs and Tabeah, for that fact alone, must have musical intentions more of then than now. Some may regard it as an old fashioned approach but I, for one, welcome it.

On a technical note, the notes with this album suggest that this is a binaural recording so get your headphones out if you want to hear the sonic benefits of such an approach to recording.

This EP is available on a name your price basis from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 27 2014