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  In The Forest by Moody Alien

In The Forest cover art

Artist: Moody Alien
Title: In The Forest
Catalogue Number: Thirsty Leaves Music
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

There is no doubt cause for academic pondering on the implications of combining improvisation with locked to the beat sequencing and, in such an exercise, it would no doubt be beneficial to consider the music of Moody Alien and, in particular, his album “In The Forest”.

All of the songs contained therein are named after the muses of Greek mythology yet it requires almost microscopic examination to determine if there were differences in artistic motivation between each song. However, there is more here than mere laptop meandering with the very presentation of the automaton as the musician clearly at odds with the more ethereal motivations of ancient Greek culture and, despite the jigsaw puzzle vibe, the underlying humanity often creeps, sometimes awkwardly, to the surface.

No doubt designed for the headphones of the world in the parallel universe of late night self-analysis, “In The Forest” might well take you deeper into the darkness than you might want to go.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: November 27 2014