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  Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix by KK Null

Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix cover art

Artist: KK Null
Title: Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix
Catalogue Number: Aagoo Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

Not so much music as skilfully reconstructed samples that have evolved into something not quite organic, “Cryptozoon” highlights the ability of KK Null to sculpt nineteen minute plus soundscapes out of the scrapyard of the digital domain.

As I listen to this on the headphones, I cannot fail but to be impressed by the precision with which all that I hear has been assembled yet I am left with the feeling that what I hear has no soul and, therefore, no message to communicate.

The artist has left the asylum and moved to the art house but finds there is nobody home.

Exit stage right.
Review Date: November 19 2014