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  Hard Drivin' Woman by Sharrie Williams & The WiseGuys

Hard Drivin' Woman cover art

Artist: Sharrie Williams & The WiseGuys
Title: Hard Drivin' Woman
Catalogue Number: Crosscut CCD110880
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2004

This is an album that brings together blues and soul into one satisfying package.

Ms Williams is an accomplished singer equally at home with slow or uptempo numbers. The songs on this album are co-written by her as well (apart from a fine cover of "I'd Rather Go Blind") and tell time honoured tales of a sassy woman making her way through life. Particular favourites were the ballad "I'll Give You Me" and the uptempo, sing-a-long "Just You and Me".

Sharrie Williams is in fine voice and stays true to her roots. The Wiseguys give 100% solid backup to her vocal talents. An enjoyable album

Review Date: June 22 2007