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  Ready For Love by Meghan Shanley

Ready For Love cover art

Artist: Meghan Shanley
Title: Ready For Love
Catalogue Number: PIF Music
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

There’s the periphery and there’s the mainstream and, at least in terms of the mainstream, the centre of the universe is still very much in the good old US of A. Meghan Shanley, therefore, is off to a head  start with her album “Ready For Love” containing more than enough evidence that AOR is still very much alive and kicking.

With a robust yet civilised voice, Ms. Shanley throws in more enough emotion to make her songs carry her all the way from cabaret to the car stereo and her choice of songs, unsurprisingly, reflects that wide range of possible destinations.

Onwards to those songs. There’s a confident cover of “Smile” to keep the traditionalists happy and there’s enough Steely Dan seasoning sprinkled over “Ready For Love” to make those who remember the heyday of FM radio very happy. “Never Will”, likewise, is car stereo friendly with the smoothly efficient Ms. Shanley handing you the keys to highway while the eighties power pop styling of “Synergy” is guaranteed to give your ears company right up until the off ramp.

“Ready For Love” is, in some ways, an old fashioned album but is nonetheless one with undeniable mainstream appeal and one that shows that Meghan Shanley knows where she is going.
Review Date: December 7 2014