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  Hiraeth EP by Carcharorion

Hiraeth EP cover art

Artist: Carcharorion
Title: Hiraeth EP
Catalogue Number: Peski 032
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

There is always a degree of trepidation that accompanies the arrival of any music from what is described as an “electronic sampling duo”. That is exactly how Carcharorion were described but their EP “Hiraeth” is much more than you might expect of two laptops on the loose.

For a start, Carcharorion, or Prisoners if you are not from the Wales, have adopted both political and cultural angles in their liberation of samples from other people’s artistic endeavours and, although the influence of the dance floor does sometimes intrude, manage to capture the sound of revolution and repurpose it in an electronic and enigmatic way. Of course, they can’t go far wrong when, as in “Beth Yw'r Haf i Mi”, Carcharorion import the majesty of Meredydd Evans’ voice to give weight to their looped up ambient textures.

The most overtly political content is found in “The Boys Are Marching” but, in truth, more is always made of Welsh culture than its revolutionary activities with the solid Eurodisco beat of “Si Hei Lw”, in particular” gaining dignity through the inclusion of some, rather harshly manipulated, samples of the voice of Siân James.

Carcharorion are both an electronic sampling duo of worth and proud of being Welsh and, whilst “Hiraeth” is not overtly political, the message behind the songs is never less than clear.  We will rise again.
Review Date: December 16 2014