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  Back in Love Again by Liz Mandville Greeson

Back in Love Again cover art

Artist: Liz Mandville Greeson
Title: Back in Love Again
Catalogue Number: Earwig CD4949
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2001

Now this really hits the mark. Ms Mandville Greeson sings straight from the heart. You just don't get this kind of honesty too often. Don't worry guys; you won't be buying a feminist rant. There is humour in the lyrics and the musicians are first class.

Once more into the music, dear friends. BluesBunny's favourite tracks were "Johnny and Me" featuring Billy Branch on harmonica, the bluesy "All My Love" and the saucy "Lip Service". The album ends with the gospel tinged "Shine Clear With Joy". Ms Mandville Greeson also wrote nearly every song. She appears to have learned many lessons from life on matters of the heart and presents them all here.

Plenty of substance here so this album will no doubt remain near the top of the BluesBunny playlist for a long time.
Review Date: June 22 2007