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  El Rey De Las Camas by Papaya

El Rey De Las Camas cover art

Artist: Papaya
Title: El Rey De Las Camas
Catalogue Number: Discos Walden
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

The turntable of love spins up to 45rpm and the room fills with fluffy white clouds as Papaya shine their Spanish sun on us through the medium of song with the three tracks on this vinyl EP exuding nothing than a love of the three minute pop song.

Too slick to be classed as indie pop, Papaya right click on summer grooviness and select power pop  as their true direction with “El Rey de Las Camas” nonetheless managing to be both flippant and serious simultaneously with an, as ever essential, chorus ready and willing to get you into karaoke mood. “Joyas en Las Trompas” is deeper and darker with Germanic electropop undertones serving as the umbrella against the ultraviolet whilst “Burbuja” locks the vocal harmonies to a loop designed to hypnotise.

Three up none down and we are ready to go. Pop music is alive and well. Nice sleeve art too.

Available from Bandcamp.
Review Date: January 5 2015