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  Haus of Dada by Plankton Dada Wave

Haus of Dada cover art

Artist: Plankton Dada Wave
Title: Haus of Dada
Catalogue Number: Ghost Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Some bands have an enthusiasm for music that borders on the manic and none more so than the psychotically named Plankton Dada Wave and, being Italian, they even manage to inject a not inconsiderable amount of style into the six, distinctly oblique, songs that make up their “House of Dada” mini album (or maxi EP if size is that important to you).

That’s not to say that their music is inaccessible to the masses even though the title might suggest that to the ever artistically optimistic. Instead, we are treated to the kind of dramatically over enthusiastic songs that bounce around the room like a barking mad border collie with love in its heart. Even the deliriously derivative “Le Gril” seems more borne of honest adoration than musical larceny and, as if receiving its power direct from the socket on the wall, the song literally ricochets off everything in site before riding the train backwards into the circus of the mind with near psychotic “ygolohcysP”.

In lesser hands, a song like “Mucho Mas” would have become a chant driven rock song but, driven onwards and upwards by skewed musical fluency, the song heads instead for that castle on the hill where the mad professor lives. It’s just this side of out of control and the sparrows joyfully sing because of that.

The effort that Plankton Dada Wave have put into making music that just doesn’t fit has to be commended and I hope that the men in the white coats don’t catch up with them for a while yet.

Available from Bandcamp
Review Date: January 6 2015