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  I’m The Girl I Used To Know Again by Dwayna Litz

I’m The Girl I Used To Know Again cover art

Artist: Dwayna Litz
Title: I’m The Girl I Used To Know Again
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

So what’s the story? The story behind the song. The story behind Dwayna Litz. Are the answers to be found in her album “I’m The Girl I Used To Know Again”? I think they are and you won’t really need to be much of a detective to find them.

Certainly, there is little in the way of obvious clues as, on initial audition, you might easily dismiss Dwayna Litz as just another confident mainstream singer songwriter attempting to orbit the planet Nashville. She’s a lot less brash than many of her contemporaries but that’s a style difference more than anything else. Talking of style, the production would suggest, and you need listen no further than “All Because Of You” for the prime example, a residency at the Marriot was her true ambition.

The truth, however, is the presentation is just that and the songs presented here, on closer inspection, can easily be seen as inspirational, even devotional. “I’ve Got A Feeling About You”, for example, seems not as much about him as about Him. Don’t get me wrong though. Dwayna Litz isn’t forcing her message of redemption upon you and even the most obvious example of the gospel influence - “This Train Is Bound For Glory” – is decorated instead in the style of wholesome old time country.

No mean songwriter and clearly a dedicated performer, Dwayna Litz walks on towards the light with this album. Praise be for that.
Review Date: March 14 2015