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  Beautiful Decay by Interzone Inc

Beautiful Decay cover art

Artist: Interzone Inc
Title: Beautiful Decay
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

It does sometimes seem that all Sweden produces these days is electro pop and church burning metal bands but then you make the acquaintance of Interzone Inc and suddenly you realise it is just like the Beatles said – all you need is love.

Much of “Beautiful Decay” is lovingly created in the ambient style to entrance those of you who have a permanent attachment to your headphones. That’s neither unusual nor indeed a bad thing in the great scheme of electronic things and a song like “Crystal Strings” will undoubtedly impress those in search of a soundtrack to peaceful contemplation. Unlike most of his contemporaries however, Interzone Inc – most likely one man and his toys – does not limit himself to the creation of mere background music. “Summer Fluff”, for example, confidently edges towards being a digital recreation of the style of Don Preston while “Just Me” virtualises pomposity to contrast the oppression of the robotic beat and it is that intellectually induced variety that lifts this album above the limitations of any laptop. A heart and a brain are at work here.

These Swedish synthetic soundscapes are available from Bandcamp and the usual outlets.
Review Date: March 17 2015