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  Artful Artless? by Origami Horses

Artful Artless? cover art

Artist: Origami Horses
Title: Artful Artless?
Catalogue Number: Magnetic Eye MER039
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

As the world spins round and around you have to wonder why you never hope that it will stop so you can get off. You haven’t, of course, and neither have many of the great philosophers which makes you then wonder if there is a greater plan out there somewhere. Or perhaps just a better kebab shop or perhaps a band like Origami Horses. Time to click those heels and get back to the point.

Origami Horses might well be from Canterbury in Englandshire, as my recall suggests, but their sound is more that of young America or, at the very least, the disassociated part thereof. “Charity Shop” is therefore oblique to the point of being combative but, as with real origami horses, the magic is in the folding. So, while those guitars thrust with the merciless imprecision of an indie rock band, an appreciation of melody is there for all those capable of more than cursory inspection to hear. “Two State Solution” nudges the band further down the road to musical maturity with casual harmonies, diffident dissonance and a near psychedelic chorus making this song into something of an educated pop picker’s choice.

All in all, Origami horses are a band that are maturing nicely with their EP “Artful Artless?” being entirely adequate proof of that fact.
Review Date: April 5 2015