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  Gemini Gemini by Jennie Abrahamson

Gemini Gemini cover art

Artist: Jennie Abrahamson
Title: Gemini Gemini
Catalogue Number: Genepool
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

Think of the spaces between the words in a song and you will probably think of folk music and its artistic relationship to the natural world. Whilst Jennie Abrahamson certainly isn’t what you would class as a conventional folk singer, there is much in the way of evidence on her album "Gemini Gemini" to suggest that she has a familiarity with gryphons, ghosts and other things ethereal.

That’s not say that this album sounds like a product of the past for her music is powered almost entirely by the electricity of modern day life.  Her influences roam far and wide with the robotic tinkling of “Snowstorm” seeming something of child of the more reflective moments of Riuchi Sakamoto. The thundering insistence of “Wolf”, on the other hand is a distinctly western song that suggests an affinity for the educated precision of someone like Kate Bush or Peter Gabriel and “Wild Is The Heart” moves Ms. Abrahamson confidently into wistful territory whilst leaving more than enough space to suggest that she is capable of singing out into the eternal wind of chance.

Although a touch cold in execution, Jennie Abrahamson nevertheless seems, with this album, determined, to move her songs closer to the sun.
Review Date: April 5 2015