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  Compostela by Jenn Grant

Compostela cover art

Artist: Jenn Grant
Title: Compostela
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

Speak to me of Americana and I will speak to you of the right to bear arms. Speak to me of Jenn Grant and I will speak to you of disarming charm. Speak to me of her album “Compostela” and I will speak to you of emotional warmth and the pervasive sense of harmony with all that surrounds her.

That very emotional warmth and sense of harmony is the distinguishing factor for this album. Jenn Grant could just have been another festival friendly songstress ploughing the furrows of the fertile fields of folk and rock.  She could have been but her star shines much more brightly than that. Listen, for example, to the charming subtlety that she brings to “Trailer Park”. She could have held the song close to just her own voice but instead she turns the song into something of a sonic comfort blanket that you will feel compelled to grasp in times of trouble.

Whilst always remaining apparently casual, Ms. Grant is never less than professional and it takes educated ears to truly appreciate the subtlety of her phrasing. Maybe that’s a Canadian cream thing but these particular ears were impressed by just how easy she made the singing of her songs sound with “No One’s Gonna Love You” easily equalling the graceful eloquence of someone like Carole King.

“Compostela” is therefore a mature and rewarding album that provides all the proof that you might need to allow Jenn Grant free rein in your heart.

The album is available from Bandcamp and the usual online suspects.
Review Date: April 12 2015