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  Between Green & Gone by Miriam Jones

Between Green & Gone cover art

Artist: Miriam Jones
Title: Between Green & Gone
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2015

The anodyne nature of Americana is something of a given these days with far too many practitioners of the genre happy to limit themselves to recollections of a dustbowl they have never actually seen. The truth is out there, however, and Miriam Jones is, to her credit, looking for it.

The evidence of her intent is to be found in her album “Between Green & Gone”. With her naturalistic vocal style, she sits well forward of the her backing musicians and brings a sharpshooter’s aim to matters of the heart and soul and does so with the constructional integrity that one would expect of a highly polished Nashville songstress. Of her songs, “Warning” shines as brightly as a radio friendly song can but, if you are looking for those hidden depths that might touch your heart, then either “Given All” or “Float” have the power to persuade you that Miriam Jones could be your soulmate.

So, in summary, Miriam Jones is more of a storyteller than most and, with a lyrical honesty prevalent amongst her musical motivations, she sidesteps the limitations of the genre to give us music that is as personal as it is professional. That works for me.
Review Date: April 28 2015