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  The Begininng EP by Chanel Samson

The Begininng EP cover art

Artist: Chanel Samson
Title: The Begininng EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

California to Liverpool is a long journey to make – and one that might cause you to question the competence of your travel agent – but it one that Chantel Samson has made and, now ensconced in the UK, she brings her own special brand of acerbic cabaret to our ears.

Her EP “The Beginning” is undoubtedly theatrical and that sparkly approach pays benefits when illustrating the dangers of random adventures in the heartland of relationships. Not just your standard girl meets boy stuff though but instead, as in “This Old Guy”, such modern day misadventures like girl meets the opportunity to be the bit on the silver side and, if not actually bleak in her outlook, our Ms. Samson seems to, in lyrical terms at least, have a way of becoming the target of the sniper of misfortune with “Little Red Dot” documenting the joys of panic motivated calendar watching.

Whilst in a similar vein, “F U Matthew” turns out to be easily the most manic song here, although all would cause most rational men to question their underpants’ judgment in moments d’amour, and duly reflects on the etiquette of that all important callback after the deed has been done and her name has been lost in the post.

Damn, it’s tough being a girl but I’m sure some really nice shoes would sort things right out.
Review Date: April 28 2015