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  Underwater by Silvia & The Fishes on Friday

Underwater cover art

Artist: Silvia & The Fishes on Friday
Title: Underwater
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

You might not think that peddling acoustic drama was a pastime likely to enchant but Italian duo Silvia & The Fishes on Friday are here to persuade you otherwise with their “Underwater” EP having five examples of their musical spells.

As their songs became friends, it occurred to me that these songs formed a soundtrack of a sort. Words became the poetry that conveyed the purpose of their hypnotism as the music painted pictures of some mystical retelling of a forgotten fairytale transposed into today’s digital reality.

“Another Scar”, for example, is the kind of song that never seems to trying to make an impact yet, like the best soundtrack cues, still leaves a permanent mark on your consciousness. That might well be an Italian thing as many a soundtrack to a spaghetti western or Euro horror has found itself forever bound to my memory by much the same method. “Consuming”, driven ever onwards by Silvia’s endearingly restrained voice, likewise exudes a casual style but the passion, and a consequential gravitational charm, rapidly pulls you inwards into a description of subconscious torment.

Their song “Don’t Let Me Go” has a more American feel to it although that lightness of touch that distinctively decorates all the songs of Silvia & The Fishes on Friday never lets you forget that, even with this song, everything still comes from the woods and forests of the olde world.

Some may think it is just a matter of style but Silvia & The Fishes on Friday have, with their music, successfully achieved a balance between heart and mind.
Review Date: April 29 2015