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  You Used To Be My Baby by Vicky and The Vengents

You Used To Be My Baby cover art

Artist: Vicky and The Vengents
Title: You Used To Be My Baby
Catalogue Number: Wiener/Burger Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

In a garage far away, or so the story goes, you will find the interstellar revivalist band that you are looking for but, meanwhile back in a garage in southern California on the planet called Earth, successfully reviving the musical styles of more innocent times are Vicky and The Vengents. It’s needle in the groove time again.

So, with more than a nod to the fifties and the early sixties, Vicky and the Vengents unleash three songs that are both consistent and true to the spirit of those better times. The robust voice of Vicky Tafoya dominates the proceedings and that’s no bad thing when you can belt out a song like she can while the gritty guitars, pounding drums and reverb aplenty keep her company.

Let’s talk songs now. “Forever” sashays on by like tomorrow was prom night and a girl’s heart was there just to be captured by a boy. “Why” shifts the tempo up a gear but it’s still a strawberry cheesecake of a cheating boy meets girl song while “You Used To Be My Baby” is the song that seals the deal. It’s almost early punk but the near sordid innocence of the lyrics make that trip to the beach just a bit more morally concerning than it would normally be.

This is a spirited set of songs that demonstrates that Vicky and the Vengents can freshen up the past with the best of them and these songs will surely find themselves right at home not just on cassette but on the holy format of 45rpm vinyl.
Review Date: May 9 2015