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  Crumbs by The Lonely Oatcake

Crumbs cover art

Artist: The Lonely Oatcake
Title: Crumbs
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

One day I will fall off the wagon and start writing sense but, until then, I ramble therefore I am likely paid by the word. Hello therefore, and just in time for a slight return, to Glasgow alt-incompletists The Lonely Oatcake and their album, if brevity be they name, “Crumbs”.

The Lonely Oatcake ramble too but, unlike me, they take little in the way of time about it with their songs, even the soon to be legendary vegetarian anthem “Beans”, rarely making it to the two minute mark. That said, there seems to a plan behind their attention deficit disorder approach and that plan, in what is left of my mind, is to highlight the fate of the hippie. Listen to “Classification Blues”, for example, and you will find yourself looking out for a road movie from the times when you could be a rebel without any commercial sponsorship. Count all these songs up and, all told, half of these songs wouldn’t outrun a sixty second man but they all would, without doubt, make ideal cues for that soundtrack that takes you to the end of the highway.

The Lonely Oatcake might not make you smile but they do make a point. Being an individual probably won’t make you happy but it shouldn’t stop you making music either. Hey, that almost sounds like sense.

The album is available from a free download from Bandcamp.
Review Date: May 15 2015