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  The Voodoo Sound EP by The Voodoo Sound

The Voodoo Sound EP cover art

Artist: The Voodoo Sound
Title: The Voodoo Sound EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2014

Singapore is but a time zone away but time seems to have stood still for the extended rock band that is The Voodoo Sound with their self-titled EP easily evoking memories of the excesses of the time of hair rock. The songs are therefore hardly examples of brevity but, as is often the way of the fleet of finger, a good guitar solo leads them inexorably forwards on the path to redemption.

Starting off with the rambling pairing of “Bhairavi Movement 1” and “Bhairavi Movement 2”, The Voodoo sound strut and swagger with a near theatrical momentum reinforced by the copious amounts of energetic percussion and punctuated by the kind of macho riffing that is likely to produce sympathetic applause in the air guitar arena. But a segue later, and you will have worked out by now that this is a band without brakes, “S.O.N” rev their engine back towards the red line and revisit the design concept behind Rage Against The Machine whilst sprinkling over some of the transcendental influences of our multicultural world.

Then, just as you were about to pigeonhole them as rockers gone to excess, The Voodoo Sound go all sensitive with “Seasons” having more than enough affected emotion to bring down the final curtain in a Bollywood film.

Whilst guilty of throwing anything and everything into the mix, The Voodoo Sound cannot be accused of a lack of effort and, if they can bring a bit of focus to their musical direction, then their future would be bright indeed.
Review Date: May 16 2015