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  Break My Throne by Sofie Chambers

Break My Throne cover art

Artist: Sofie Chambers
Title: Break My Throne
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

The fertile fields of Sweden are often thought to have been planted with only the seeds of electro pop these days but sometimes the crop is less emotionally sequential than you might expect. Sofie Chambers, a name previously unknown to me, seems determined to prove just that with her EP “Break My Throne”.

Her sound is somewhere between maudlin and winsome in emotional intent with a 3am in the morning melancholy haunting her lyrics. “Dancefloor” does present itself as low key electronica but, within her words, Sofie Chambers gets captured in the strobe lit passion of the moment before being abandoned in the moonlight. Sentimentality is never far away however with, for example, “In Everything I Do” taking the minimalist approach to reflect on the contagion that is love while “Lonely Crows” shows that she can use entrancing poetry to accompany an acoustic guitar. It’s a heartfelt thing indeed that she does.

Five soft and sweet songs and seventeen minutes later she is gone but Sofie Chambers will no doubt return and redemption shall be hers.
Review Date: May 31 2015