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  Sister by Sharptooth

Sister cover art

Artist: Sharptooth
Title: Sister
Catalogue Number: Fuzzkill Records
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2014

Time for another visit to the land of the cassette. This time it is an orange cassette called “Sister” from a Glasgow band named Sharptooth and it has found its way to our physical reality via the wizards of Fuzzkill Records.

There are but two songs on the cassette and they pretty much guarantee to leave you wanting more. “Sister” is dreamily insistent with female harmonies and a distant petulant rap driving the message of solidarity forever forwards. However, this song is not so much a clarion call as a hypnotic spell decorated with perennially popular power chords and distinguished by a relentless desire to convince.

“Tooth & Nail” could even be classed as a folk song if it were not so obviously powered by electricity with the vocals wandering in the mist of drone as if enchantment were its designated purpose before discord, inevitably, returns the song to reality. It’s the kind of song that spins mercilessly around in your head.

The cassette is probably long sold out by now but you can still download the songs from Bandcamp.
Review Date: May 31 2015