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  Foreign Organ by Woodenbox

Foreign Organ cover art

Artist: Woodenbox
Title: Foreign Organ
Catalogue Number: Olive Grove Records
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

I suppose that how you should define maturity - the ability to take a step forwards and a step sideways at the same time. Woodenbox – a band that has, too often, seemed like Scotland’s best kept secret – neatly sidestep expectations with their album “Foreign Organ” and thus provide all the proof you will need of their musical development and consequent maturity.

The sense of fun is still present and correct but there is a greater solidity, or a muscularity if you like, to the songs this time around.  Their past festival appearances have clearly established the importance of having a crowd pleasing anthem (or two) and, duly, there is the robust singalong “Roberto” to encourage you to get those lighters in the air. Likewise, it would be hard to resist the rock legend charms of the angular “Face Able” or, indeed, the stomping synchronicity of “Rust” and, even considering more reflective songs like “Life Decays” or “More Girl Than Friend”, the conclusion must be the same.  These songs are big. Apparently simple but actually complex, intelligent and, once more for those in the cheap seats, big.

“Foreign Organ” is the kind of album that manages to bring forth both short term adoration and long term satisfaction. Not many bands can do that nowadays so that only leaves the question. How can Woodenbox be brought to the attention of the whole wide world? Someone somewhere must have the answer to that.
Review Date: June 1 2015