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  The Feels by Breakfast Muff

The Feels cover art

Artist: Breakfast Muff
Title: The Feels
Catalogue Number: Number4Door
Review Format: Cassette
Release Year: 2015

There’s a thing called a switch on the wall and, when you operate said switch, the light comes on. Sometimes things are that simple and sometimes they are not. Some bands are called Breakfast Muff and many are not for that is the way of things in this and at least 16,384 alternative universes.

Philosophy can only take you so far however and we must therefore rely on a bit of the old anarchy once beloved of dear old Scotland to take us the rest of the way. And anarchy there is with the proof being the short sharp songs blasted out by Breakfast Muff into the all encroaching mediocrity in order to fend off any attempt at indifference.

Time to load up with some songs. “Laughing Gas” has a warhead made of a radioactive cocktail of The Stooges, MC5 and youthful experimentation. “Cock” has a, vaguely disturbing, payload of retrogressive sexual politics and “Friend” is sufficiently unstable to make you wonder what would happen if you dropped it. No such problems with the full metal jacket of the angst driven “Drowning” or the downright sleazy yet rebellious “Older Guy” however.

Although superficially similar in sound to Californian beach poppers like The Aquadolls or Peach Kelli Pop, Breakfast Muff are a distinctly rougher and altogether more challenging band who do a remarkably good job of making their songs seem accidental. Don’t be fooled though as the lights are on and everybody is home.

So, are Breakfast Muff a band for our times? Quizás, Quizás, Quizás.
Review Date: June 1 2015