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  Gertrude by Gertrude

Gertrude cover art

Artist: Gertrude
Title: Gertrude
Catalogue Number: Fungo Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1999

A superb collection of Americana flavoured pop songs that are brought to life by Melissa Ziemer's wonderfully rich and dynamic vocals, and prove beyond doubt that she is candy for the ears as well as the eyes!!  With all eleven songs written/co-written by Melissa and guitarist Eric Thompson, this is an album where you won't have to bother with the skip button on your remote.

"If I Knew" and "Tragically Unreal" along with the somewhat 'twangy', but nevertheless excellent "Air", are the best examples of several fine up-tempo catchy songs contained in this collection.  "Plastic Monkeys" however is a distinct variation to the predominately pop sound, harking back to a forgotten era of sensuous torch songs.  Then there is "Driftin' Nowhere", with a sophistication that is a cut above what you would expect to hear on drive time radio or MTV.

Blues Bunny finds it puzzling as to why this album never achieved wider success at the time of its release; in our opinion this is one of the best records you are ever likely to buy.  In fact you may want to buy two copies as it is very likely that you will wear the first one out. It really is that good.
Review Date: June 22 2007