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  Wild EP by Sheepy

Wild EP cover art

Artist: Sheepy
Title: Wild EP
Catalogue Number: Blang records BLANG58
Review Format: Download
Release Year: 2015

Hey, whatever happened to Britpop? Damn near every other faze and craze from the past has been digitally recreated in the name of new music but Britpop must have been just a bit too clever for your average indie rock fashionista to duplicate whilst strumming imaginary chords on the Saturday morning bus to Primark.

Now to Liverpool in the here and now. Home to a three strong band called Sheepy who have done their research well enough to remind us just what can be achieved with ability and a quirky sense of humour. Add in the audacity to actually use harmonies and you have four songs both memorable and quintessentially British with “Wild” exemplifying their gleeful sing-through-the pain approach to reflecting on today’s little personal troubles. Thorough to the end, which will likely be a long way off if there is any justice, Sheepy then adopt the kind of lyrical practices that made Ray Davies the deity that he is and stick it, using one of those safe for kids glue stick things, to a melody that turns "Jeremiah Horrocks" into the kind of song that would have made them kings of post-punk back in the day.

Sheepy then exit stage right with the oddball, and somewhat laconic right up until the riff, “Life is Like A Ghost Train”. It’s like all the best bits of British music from the last 30 years have been distilled into four songs designed to please the discerning ears of pop worshippers everywhere.
Review Date: June 12 2015