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  Like Me by Caviare Days

Like Me cover art

Artist: Caviare Days
Title: Like Me
Catalogue Number: Label259 Records
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2015

Hey man, it’s like the world is going backwards and forwards all at the same time. Or something like that anyway for, as rock revisionists Caviare Days prove with their EP “Like Me”, there is still mileage in burning rubber up and down the highway to the past.

The weaving sibling harmonies of Lina and Maja Westin can’t help but set your sights on the horizon that leads to a better tomorrow but the real weight is carried by the band with the robust guitar of Boris Grubesic, forever in worship of Keith Richards, leading them courageously forward.

Despite lyrics mixing isolationist anguish with the psychedelic, the past never actually manages to overcome the present and Caviare Days have no problem at all infusing enough rancour into “Great Minds” to thus avoid any accusation of promoting trip in trip out optimism. “Trigger” further roughs up their reputation with a cosmic combination of caustic riffs and the nihilistic lyrical undertones driving the song straight up the yellow brick road to the castle containing the voices of the Westin sisters.

When you have a song in your heart, you can’t go far wrong and Caviare Days have the heart, and soul, for many more songs given the evidence of this EP. It wouldn’t be an insult to state that Caviare days are just the kind of band that Jack White might take an interest in.
Review Date: June 14 2015