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  Pink Blue EP by Outblinker

Pink Blue EP cover art

Artist: Outblinker
Title: Pink Blue EP
Catalogue Number: Good Grief Records GG014
Review Format: Vinyl 10"
Release Year: 2015

Time for some audio concussion. No, not a direct blow to the head with a Tannoy Arden but a hypnotic sonic assault on your very consciousness courtesy of Glasgow band Outblinker.

Outblinker, formed from bands that few inside or outside of Glasgow will have heard of, are what the old school might reasonably refer to as a head band. The ten inches of vinyl contain but two songs called, ominously, “Pink” and “Blue” and if you were expecting any words then welcome to the world of disappointment for this is time crushing extemporisation just like they used to do when the sun only shone on East Berlin.

God knows what the songs are actually about as pink and blue aren’t that interesting as colours but it is my hope that there are some good old fashioned drug motivations in there. “Pink” is propelled furiously forward by insistent, near metronomic, percussion and takes all of eleven plate spinning minutes to align your head into agreement with the cosmos. “Blue” visits the arthouse with nefarious intent and wields the soundtrack axe at everything that Outblinker finds there. Did someone say Goblin? You could make a good giallo in Glasgow. After all, we are known for our fondness for knives.

The needle is in the runout groove so it is time for final impressions. Yes, I know my head has been pounded into madness but I nonetheless bless the SS Outblinker and all who sail in her.
Review Date: June 14 2015